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Cloud Computing

It is essential for any business to keep up-to-date with new technological advances, especially if those advances are vital to the efficiency and production-rate of a company’s business. Cloud Computing is the next generation of computing services where the applications you would like to use are run on an externally maintained server rather than your own systems. These applications are then interacted with by using a standard web browser and can be accessed by any internet connected computer. Also by shifting the workload externally you ease the headache of maintaining your own hardware and software; this is all carried out by the cloud server.

Cloud Computing offers various benefits for companies such as a reduction in costs plus increased flexibility and scaling. The well designed Cloud Computing system is suitable for disaster recovery and business continuity due to the fact that reliability is enhanced if several redundant sites are used. Even with all the functions and advantages Cloud Computing offers, it is still one of the easier applications to maintain since they do not need to be installed on each user’s computer system and can be accessed from several places.

You can receive CSBIT’s Cloud services which are fully managed and require no intervention by you for its setup or maintenance. Our cloud solutions are offered for email, groupware, web servers plus other great offerings as well. In addition, all our cloud solutions are implemented on your own virtual private server, thereby allowing for great flexibility and usability together with the ability to tune the server to suit your requirements.

From the list below, you can select the cloud solution you would be interested in. Alternatively feel free to contact us if you have any queries or if you do not find the cloud type you are after listed below.

What's Included

With CSBIT you will receive the following:

  • Cloud/VPS Server(s)
  • Complete Installation, Configuration and Management
  • Full Ongoing Support, Maintenance and Updates - No User Intervention Required
  • Automatic Daily Backup
  • 24x7 Service Monitoring

Optional Extras:

  • Extra telephone support calls
  • Extension of e-mail support
  • Setup of workstations (Melbourne only)
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