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Mail Server

Internet Technology is essential in today’s modern society, especially for firm’s conducting their day-to-day business. The internet has brought with it various forms of communication such as e-mailing. Unlike previous traditional forms of communication, e-mailing means the sender can send their information to the receiver quickly, receive a rapid response, and it does not matter what part of the world either of them reside in.

E-mailing involves the sending of text files, digital photos, audio and video files over the internet or intranet. Companies today take advantage over e-mailing systems which they employ within their organization, therefore employees and management are able to send important documents, memos, schedule meetings and other vital business information via the company intranet.

Since e-mailing has been incorporated in most businesses, it means that staff would need access to their own email account, and specifically, their own professional, company e-mail addresses. CSBIT provides companies with mail servers that will allow for company e-mail addresses such as for individual users or for general usage. This is much better than a simple or account, given that with a mail server you could do advanced e-mail handling. For instance if an email is sent to, you can automatically forward it to more people within the organization.

With CSBIT mail servers, a company can benefit from the ability to create as many email addresses as they would like, plus use as much disk space as they require. The mail servers include an easy to use web interface, and users can access their emails from anywhere around the world as long as they have access to a web browser. Also, mail servers are physically controlled strictly by the said company, thereby ensuring that third parties do not gain access to confidential information.

CSBIT offers a first-rate customer support service for clients that require assistance in operating their new systems or for maintenance after installation to ensure the system is operating at peak efficiency. Contact us for more information on the benefits CSBIT’s mail servers.

What's it used for

E-mail is now a vital tool for most businesses and most staff would require access to their own e-mail account. Rather than a simple or account, your own mail server will provide your business with professional email addresses such as for general usage or for an individual user. With your own mail server you could also do more advanced e-mail handling, such as when a message is sent to you are able to automatically have it forwarded on to one or more people.

Also included with the mail server is an easy to use web interface. You are able to access your email from anywhere in the world, all you need is access to a web browser.

What's Included

The server will be setup with the following features, all tailored to your business:

  • Linux or Microsoft Windows operating system

    Your choice between either a Linux or Microsoft Windows based server operating system.

  • Mail Server (including Webmail)

    Handle all your email needs directly on your own server, allowing you the freedom to create as many email accounts as you like with virtually unlimited storage space. Webmail allows you access to your email from any computer with a web browser, anywhere in the world.

  • Plus...

    Firewall protection, remote administration and data security (using RAID1/Mirror mode) with other optional features available to be installed on the server as well.

Optional Extras:

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