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Web Server

A web server will allow you to to host your websites from your own equipment. Having your own web server allows you full control of how the server is setup and utilised and also gives you the flexibility of using advanced web interfaces such as PHP and SSL. We are also optionally able to setup your server with Wordpress, Moodle or other popular CMS products for you.

We have a number of different systems for you to choose from below, however if none of these suit you please contact us and we can provide you options better tailored for your needs.

Additionally our support service is available to all customers who require assistance in using their new server. With our support service we strive to ensure you are happy with your server by providing assistance in its usage and also to help in the event that you are having a problem. Also included is our remote administration software with which we can quickly correct any software problem you are having by remotely connecting to your server.

We also offer a service to maintain your server after installation. We are able to ensure your server remains up to date with the latest security patches as well as ensure that your server is working at peak efficiency.

What's Included

The server will be setup with the following features, all tailored to your business:

  • Linux or Microsoft Windows Server

    Your choice between either a Linux or Microsoft Windows based server operating system.

  • Web Server

    We can install either Apache or IIS (for Windows systems) and have it configured and ready for use.

  • Plus...

    Firewall protection, remote administration and data security (using RAID1/Mirror mode) with other optional features available to be installed on the server as well.

Optional Extras:

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